Investments Poured to Develop Virus Curbing Ion Generator

Investments Poured to Develop Virus Curbing Ion Generator

Pune-based Startup Clean Weather Technologies secures investment for developing Ion Generator that can curb virus load in infected areas within a room by up to 99 per cent in 1 hour. 

While the health crisis is hitting the country hard, several measures are being taken by the govt and the individuals。 The demand for equiments, medicines, and sanitizers is increasing。 At this point, Pune–based startup has manufactured a negative ion generator that reduces the viral load of affected areas within a room significantly within an hour, says the Department of Science and Technology。 

The DST has furnished INR 1 Crore to the start-up 'Clean Weather Technologies' to produce and scale up the equipment。 Under the NidhiPrayas program initiated by the Department of Science and Technology, 1000 of them will be ready for sale & installation in Maharashtra。 The product would kill 99 per cent of the virus in one hour and would assure the wellbeing of the staff, doctors, and nurses who are working round the clock in the quarantine facilities by enhancing their disease resistance power and ability to fight the virus, it stated。

陕西11选5 "The negative ion generator titled ScitechArion, which helps to control the virus, bacteria, and fungal infections in a closed environment, could clean up the air and disinfect areas which are exposed to the infection through COVID-19 positive cases and suspects," DST said。

Recently SciTech Park developed SciTech ArionAirPurifier/ Ionizer Machine that could generate negatively charged ions at approximately 10 ions per seconds. 

Its utility & benefit in eliminating problems caused to viruses & has been proved & tested by various internationally recognized labs in all possible atmosphere like houses, hospitals, schools, farms, industries, and others. It is also tried on different types of pathogens like the influenza virus, coxsackievirus poliovirus, human coronavirus, a range of allergens, bacteria, and fungi. The product curbs floating viruses in the air on public transport, train stations, or airports, or especially within a confined space like a plane cabin, house, and hospital ward.

"The negative ions generated by the ionizer form clusters around microparticles such as airborne mould, corona or influenza viruses, mite allergens, bacteria, pollens, dust and so on and render them inactive through a chemical reaction." says sources.