The Twitter Hijack - Concerns are Bigger than it Appears

The Twitter Hijack - Concerns are Bigger than it Appears

Anything common between Jeff Bezos, Barak Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Mike Bloomberg, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Elon Musk? Yes, none of them need introduction as they are some of the most influential persons, rather call celebrities, of the world in their own filed. Another common link? All of them are followed by millions on the social networking site, Twitter and have accounts with the ‘blue verified badge’. What does this mean? This blue verified badge on Twitter lets people known that the account is authentic. That is why when such people tweet something, their followers almost believe in their words.

And this is how many followers lost more than $110,000 in less than two hours. It was on Wednesday afternoon when their and many other influential people’s twitter account were hacked including the accounts of companies like Apple and Uber. The hackers broke into these high-profile Twitter accounts and sent fake tweets that offered $2000 for every $1000 sent to an anonymous Bitcoin address. But the big question is how did this even happen?

陕西11选5 Using Twitter’s internal systems, the cybercriminal/s hacked the accounts。 The company called it a coordinated social engineering attack by unknown people。 These people targeted Twitter employees having access to the platform’s internal systems and tools and used this access to take control of many high-profile accounts and concealed as their owners。 Twitter also mentioned that it is looking into what other malicious activity they may have conducted or information they may have accessed。

Though the FBI has launched an investigation of the matter, the question still persists to find the bigger reason behind this hacking just a few months before the US President Election。 What raises this query are the politicians account – Joe Biden (President Candidate) and Barak Obama, the ex-President of US。 This hack can throw challenges during the pre-electoral months which could influence the election and turn the results as the process seems very less protected after this hack。 This could really sabotage the credibility of not just Twitter but the entire election result of the US。

The deceived tweets can create chaos during the election times, putting people into a state of frenzy。 Till before the hack, the federal agency was largely focused on the voting systems, but now a new area of concern has added up to their list。 This concern is largely visible from a leaked FBI warning from May, where the warning suggested that ransomware attacks will likely threaten the availability of data on interconnected election servers, even if this is not the actors’ intention。

And this isn’t just about America; this could be a threat to the countries the world across. Tech giants like Twitter and others need to secure their internal system to reinstall the faith of their users. The world is already in the state of war in two fronts – the global power & the pandemic.

Let’s seal the world with security!